Thursday, 6 June 2013

Natallie's first 5K.

Hi! I am Natallie, I am 22 months old. I have been walking for about 7 months now and I am going to run my first 5K! Its called the Run for H20. My mom is bringing the stroller but she knows that I only sit in the stroller for about 5 minutes before I can’t stand being buckled in anymore. I know 5K is a long way to go for a wee sprout like me but it’s for a really, really good cause. My auntie Rainbee, work for Hope International and she really loves this place called Guatemala. I have no idea where that is but I think far away and I would never be able to sit long enough in a car to get there. She has been there lots of time and it makes her sad when she sees toddlers just like me who are sick because they don’t have clean water to drink. I have a cool button on fridge that squirts out clean, cold water. When I am thirsty, I can say “wa-wa” or sign “milk” and my mom gets it for me right away. These kids have mommies that love them just as much as mine does but they can’t just get clean water. Sometimes they walk for a really, really, really long time to go to a pond or lake but it has yucky stuff in it and it gives  everyone tummy aches after. I want to help kids like me have good, clean water so they can grow up healthy and strong like me. And if these people have water, they can also grow yummy foods! My favourite is raspberries!
I love water. I splish-splash in my bath every night, I love the water table at play school and I have so much fun at the spray park and at the pool. And my daddy just taught me how to use the hose to water our plants. I would be so sad if there was no water. I want other kids to have water too.


I’ve got two weeks until the big race day, it’s on June 22nd at Riverfront Park. My mommy and daddy take me there all the time to feed the ducks but on race day, I will have to try not get distracted by the ducks and focus on running my little legs as fast as I can. Will you sponsor me in my first 5K??
Click here and you can make an online donation or if I see you in the next two weeks at the playground or on a playdate you can also give my mom the cash and she will get it to the right place.(You can also click  here  and search under my mommy's name if the other link isn't working) 

$100 provides 1 person with clean water for life.
$600 provides clean water for a whole family for life.

You can donate whatever you can, I promise I will try my best to run as much as I can!


  1. Walk! Natallie, walk! PoPo will walk alongside you too :=) I will surely make a donation if you promise to finish the 5K course. Love you, Sweetie!

  2. you can do it Nalliebear!! maybe we'll get a duckie to stay in front of you so you can chase him the whole way!